ProgrammeProgramme endeavor

The programme endeavor to:

  • Help individuals with special needs to achieve their full potential to live and work in the community.

  • Provide educational and rehabilitation activities that stimulates the holistic being of the individual.

  • To plan and implement appropriate intervention based on collaborative effort of multidisciplinary team and other allied medical professionals.

  • Support individual’s personal, social and emotional well-being.

  • Meet their personal needs of each students and trainees.

  • Provide a secure, warm and stimulating environment appropriate for special needs.

  • Collaborate with regular school for possible inclusion.

  • Create and maintain an environment where staff, parents, family members and the community will work in unity for the benefit of individual with special needs.

  • Advocate the rights and needs of special needs through regular communication and participation of parents, care volunteers and local public schools and other related agencies.