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Pusat Ehsan has made several key achievements. Amongst our notable achievement are:

1). The “My Ability Counts” campaign

This is Pusat Ehsan’s pride in bringing its trainees to community. Occupation in different private sectors such as food and beverages, hotels and banks has fulfilled the organisational vision of bring individuals with special needs to a meaningful life in society.

This is a programme which highlights and empowers individuals with special needs by participating in work.

The support of several Food and beverage vendors, hotels and banks have allowed this to happen. Our major supporters are:

2). Inclusion opportunities in school

Including students into an mainstream education is important goal ro us. Several students who began leaving at the centre are currently placed in mainstream schools. Our educational programmes provide additional support if needed.

3). Physical rehabilitation

A biopyschosocial intervention in every treatment session is also introduced by combining a biomedical intervention with psychosocial approach. The Pusat Ehsan Physical Rehabilitation Unit provides a patient centred approach. Every patient will present activity limitation and restriction in participating in the community and need are consider in terms of his/her personal, cultural and familial factors.

Preparing for mainstream education